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Green Lab Design, through its years of experience, offers its services for all kind of projects with a custom touch adjusted to your own needs. Tailored creations, seasonal or permanent sets to dress your windows, shop and restaurant, or to design your movie and commercial, our company answers all your requirements with natural or stabilised greenery and props.

The wonderful garden of Monaco/Phone cab

The wonderful garden of Monaco/water piano

The wonderful garden of Monaco/Photo Booth

The wonderful garden of Monaco/Fiat 500

universe design

study and design pampa

Our windows shop

Boutique Richelieu summer 2019

Design and Construction MIF68 Fashion Open Space

Project,design and construction of the Fashion Open Space at the MIF 68

Photoshoot publicity

Set-Dressing greenery

Dressing a window display Richelieu Marseille

Créating and dressing a window shop wisteria

Christmas décoration

Restaurant London / Shop London / Office Marseille

Christmas Richelieu

Christmas window shop at Richelieu / Marseille

shop branding

Construction logo Old Sport Club / Nice